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Three Feet From Gold | Karen Cupp Coaching

Discovering your gold mine as a successful real estate investor requires continued personal growth not just in the specifics of real estate investing. It happens by expanding your life philosophy and creating a gold mind!

In the book Three Feet from Gold by Greg S. Reid and Sharon L. Lechter, we discover one common principal that successful people apply to their lives. That is the ability to see obstacles as opportunities to grow. It is through that attitude of perseverance that one can ultimately meet success. This book reinforces that belief through a chronical of suggested books and notable people who have experienced challenges along the way to their success.

Success comes from the transformation that takes place in our minds that lead to the actions that transform our lives. There are many things that you cannot control, yet there is one thing
that you can control which is your mind and your attitude. Those who program themselves for success focus on the possibilities and the solutions and close the doors on those who tell them otherwise.

Have you developed your success equation? (Passion + Talent) x Association x Action x Faith = Success. Take a moment to list your passions (the activities that make your heart sing). Then list your talents which are natural strengths. Share these lists with someone you trust knows you and will be graciously honest with you. Narrow this list to the one from each category. For example, if your passion is buying and flipping houses and your talent is being an excellent project manager you might partner with someone who has the complementary talent. Honesty with yourself leads to a commitment with which you can live!

Once you have made the commitment put your full energies into succeeding. Our energy comes in the form of building associations with those who will encourage and assist us in accomplishing our vision. We are always either flowing toward or away from a commitment that we made to ourselves. Finally, resolve to have faith in your vision and your ability to achieve it.

Strengthen your resolve by utilizing the pocket promise. Goals are a contract with yourself and should be based less on what you want and more on what you promise yourself you’ll accomplish. On one side write “I promise’. And on the other side write your truest, deepest commitments to yourself”. Carry it with you so that every time you reach in to your purse or wallet you will remind yourself to the commitment that you made to yourself.

Learning to be “all in” on your commitment requires developing strategies to persevere until you succeed. It is the journey not the destination. As Og Mandino often reminds us; “I shall persist until I succeed.”