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Services | Karen Cupp Coaching


Individual Coaching
Your business depends on creating a vision, designing a plan then following through. Small business coaching is for those who are self-employed to help you stay focused, motivated and ready to create results.

Karen is a serial entrepreneur who has started and successful operated five businesses in her 23 years. She brings her passion and commitment to her serving her clients. She helps entrepreneurs develop strategies to remove obstacles and help them align with their goals. As a master connector, Karen is committed to finding and sharing resources with her clients.

Karen knows the struggles that entrepreneurs face in leading their businesses and is skilled in listening and helping clients find implement workable strategies. Her never give up philosophy demonstrates a tenacity that business owners can typically relate to.

Group Coaching
Karen authentic style of coaching in groups builds trust and openness to members. She facilitates a peer-to- peer interaction where entrepreneurs share struggles, ideas, most importantly positive suggestions and feedback.

Igniting Your Potential Within

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs aren’t born with the gift of leadership; they dedicate themselves to discovering and refining it.

Changing your passion to powerful performance

check_icon    Through a proven road map to your purpose, vision and goals
check_icon    How to manage yourself through a proven system to catapult you into action.
check_icon    Three strategies to maintain the tenacity and perseverance to stay on track to your goals.

Everyone will leave with a pocket full of strategies and information that is immediately implementable.


Igniting your potential within is flexible and can be a high level, but implementable 1-hour talk, an intensive half-day seminar or a multi-day workshop that will inspire every attendee.  Shift your paradigm and start the change that will bring results that matter – in every aspect of your life.


Creating your perfect strategy cohort!

Building Your Tribe of Five

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs are faced with the challenge of carrying the load of leading their business to success. They are so busy “working in their business that they is no energy left to “work on the business.”   True business success is not what you do, it is who you become.  While it is true that most businesses start around your kitchen table or in your garage, what if you could hand select a cohort of individuals who would walk the journey with you.  Incorporating the mastermind process you can develop a stronger team to catapult your business.

Who are these Five in your Tribe?
  • The Truth teller – Sets you back on course when you want to go off screaming.
  • The Grand Plan Person – Your big picture, strategy builder.
  • The Focuser – Reminds you that growth is a process and to take one step at a time.
  • The Connector – Reminds you that we are not to do it on our own. Connects you to the people you need to meet.
  • The Encourager – Picks you up, dusts you off and reminds you that success is a process. (Reminds you that all the successful people you see encountered bumps and bruises on the way.)

Engage and learn how you can find and develop your tribe of five.  This fun, innovative workshop will leave you smiling as you discover the team work truly empowers you to make the dream work!


Learning Objectives:

After completion of this course, participants will be able to put into practice

  • Learn ways to seek out and connect with likeminded entrepreneurs
  • Develop tools to craft a vision to recruit people to your cohort
  • Develop tools to transfer your vision to your cohort
  • Develop an action plan to bring your mastermind to life.

The most successful business owners and professionals don’t leave their success to chance.

Public Speaking

Don’t get trapped inside the bottle

The most successful business owners and professionals don’t leave their success to chance.  Develop powerful connection skills that to engage and empower you to alter the strategy to improve yourself and improve your business.

check_icon    Art of listening
check_icon    How to ask engaging questions
check_icon    Finding common ground
check_icon    Keeping your communication simple
check_icon    Inspiring people
check_icon    Staying authentic in all your relationships

Lunch and Learn Leadership Training

Each team member in any organization has the potential for success and the ability to impact positive change in the workplace. With my “Lunch and Learn” 45 minute leadership seminars, my goal is to develop these individuals into leaders and inspire them to create positive results in your organization. They are packed full of information, interaction with the intent of creating a fun learning environment for building awareness. 

People view their lunch break as a time to relax and revive during their busy workday. I offer your company a great way to utilize these lunch breaks as a source of inspiration and motivation. My “Lunch and Learn” leadership seminar is completely customizable to your company’s needs, and I will strive to open your team members’ minds to new possibilities.

This training is free of charge and  is designed to be engaging and interactive with the intent of creating a positive learning environment. This not only allows your team to motivate each other to produce great work for days to come, but it will also allow them to apply it to their work that very day. 

In my “Lunch and Learn” seminars, I will:

check_icon    Define leadership
check_icon    Discuss a few myths of leadership
check_icon    Demonstrate different ways to lead
check_icon    Share 2 laws from John Maxwell’s book of the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership


You already have a great business.
Take it to the next level, and contact me today to design a “Lunch and Learn” to fit your team’s goals.


Classes are available in person or virtually.
Karen Cupp | Leadership Gold

Leadership Gold

Timeframe:  Twelve Weeks

Class time:  One and a half hours weekly

Cost:  $200

Included:  Book – Leadership Gold (valued at $26.00)

Karen Cupp | Intentional Living

Intentional Living

Timeframe:  Eight Weeks

Class time:  One and a half hours weekly

Cost:  $150

Included:  Book – Intentional Living (valued at $27.00)

Karen Cupp | Put Your Dreams to the Test

Put Your Dreams to the Test

Timeframe:  Eight Weeks

Class time:  One and a half hours weekly

Cost:  $150

Included:  Book – Put Your Dreams to the Test (valued at $16.00)


Intentional Living

May 17th – July 5th

5:30PM – 7:00PM