About Karen and the Course

Karen Cupp is an accomplished real estate agent, coach /consultant and investor who has accumulated over 26 years of experience in the industry. She started out  in commercial properties and then moved  on to add residential real estate properties to her personal portfolio, which included single-family and multi-family homes. Karen has an Accounting Degree with an extensive background in bookkeeping and systems development, which is another factor that sets Karen apart from so many others in the business. Due to this, she is extremely proficient at assessing a property methodically and strategically, and can quickly tell whether it will make or drain money.  

Karen has also had a lifelong passion for self-education herself and believes that it was a powerful influence in her life as it has granted her an empowered mindset, leading  to her being self-actualizing and self-employed.

Therefore, because she inherently believes that knowledge should be shared with the others, she has focused her  unstoppable enthusiasm for teaching and empowering others to achieve more wealth and life satisfaction themselves. It is for this reason that Karen has made her invaluable expertise available to others in the form of an integrative course she’s developed, which includes group and one-on-one coaching sessions that cover the fundamentals of successfully investing in real estate properties. In fact, this course takes all the skills and knowledge she has acquired over the years brings it to you in this eight week introductory class.  

If there is a person in real estate investment that is seasoned enough to be a master teacher, has the necessary sagacity in order to build a thriving and lucrative business in this field, and has the portfolio to show for it, it is Karen. Her deepest desire now is to coach others on everything she knows, to enable more investors to grow their wealth and build their own successful real estate businesses. With her course, anyone can learn how they can achieve financial freedom without having to go through the pains of learning the ins and outs of the industry the hard way, which usually involves losing money needlessly,  to mistakes that could have easily been avoided if only they had the right knowledge and understanding beforehand. Karen has set out and formulated a way to help new property investors to steer clear of these types of frustrations, aiming to lead them onto a path she has straightened out for them, so they can cut straight through to earning profits on their investments right away.

Though Karen is making achieving success and wealth through the real estate investment business considerably easier and less complicated, it does not mean that you can kick back waiting for the dollars to roll in. No, you will still need to put the actual work in to achieve this outcome, though you will be able to do so in a fraction of the time and effort than those that did not have a course like this to help them. This is something Karen is particularly thrilled about being able to offer to her students, as she has a family herself and intimately knows what it is like to crave more quality time with them, yet struggling between working full time and building a financial future in investing.  She also feels that she is so very fortunate to have her own two children in business with her, reaping the benefits of this industry together as a family, and believes that this can be a possible saving grace for so many other families as well!


January 25 - March 15, 2021
Time: 6pm- 9pm 

Cost:  $65.00

Place:  John A. Logan


Another additional feature to this course, which is simply another aspect of what makes it so special and personal, is that Karen has incorporated some meaningful life/leadership lessons into the mix in order to drive certain significant points and insights home to her students. And to provide them with an even greater head start, she equips them with useful connections with other investors and mentors to assist them in their endeavours even further. As a real estate agent, Karen can help to market her students’ properties and get them the best possible deals in the fastest and most efficient way. It’s not hard to see by now that Karen has done her utmost in putting together a course that is not only effective and enjoyable, but that will lead to the set of skills, contacts and knowledge required to be successful in this business!

Want to invest in real estate? Don’t know where or how to start? In this course, with its interactive classes led by Karen and her 26 years of experience, you will learn and develop the necessary mindset and savvy, receive the essential skills and techniques, and be guided in building the expertise and confidence to flourish within this industry, step-by-step, from start to finish. This course covers it all!

Through real estate investment, you will ultimately be empowered to act. You will finally be able to make your dreams of building your wealth, and achieving financial freedom for you and your family, come to fruition!