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“If you want to see how the leader is doing, look at the people.”

– John Maxwell


Coach Karen will help you discover:

  • What makes you authentically you?
  • Who could you enlist to help you thrive?
  • What holds you back from the success you desire?
Coach Karen champions you on your journey!

Champion * Connect * Act * Achieve!

Today is the day for your new beginning.

“Good intentions inside of a courageous heart equals great action.”
– Darryl Rivers John Maxwell Trainer

“Look fear straight in the eye, take my hand and together let’s jump into a grand adventure!”

Are you ready to start your journey? Let’s talk!



Develop tools that help you craft a vision, creating an action plan that will help you bring your goals to life.


Develop powerful connection skills that will empower you to improve yourself and your business.


Bringing like-minded individuals together in a synergistic, supportive, and collaborative setting to brainstorm and sharpen each person’s communication, leadership, and business skills.



check_icon    Network with goal-oriented professionsals
check_icon    Receive encouraging support from peers
check_icon    Increase sense of confidence and insight
check_icon    Brainstorm action plans to reach goals
check_icon    Obtain construction feedback and advice
check_icon    Study principles in Communication, Leadership, and Growth, and motivate yourself and others to become better business professionals


“Karen Cupp is the most powerful connector I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Almost all of the local speaking events I’ve done have come from a connection Karen helped me make.  She knows how to get the right people on your bus!”

–  Mike Slover
Strategy Wizards Inc. (Partner Company of the Wizard of Ads)

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I would love to work with you! When you’re ready to talk or have any questions, send me a message via contact form below.

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Contact Information:

Phone:   (618) 925-4653