Who oversees your dream and who oversees making it happen? As a solopreneur, your business will skyrocket when you cease doing it all alone. Leveling up your dream requires embracing the concept that “you are in charge of the vision as well as the one who allows others to come along with you.”

Often your perspective is that allowing others to help reveals a weakness in your abilities. The reality is that as a leader you are stronger if you allow others to engage their skills.  Staying in the limited mindset is robbing someone of the opportunity to live their purpose. Transformational leaders give the vision and then invite others to participate in the dream. By making this shift you will find that you will grow as well.

Shift your perspective by changing your mindset.  Envision what you want to achieve. Be audacious in your ideas and why you want it to come to reality. Ask yourself, “is this a vision or dream that is bigger than me?”  Do not limit yourself by trying to figure out how to make it happen. Concentrate more on the Who! Who would benefit if this dream became a reality? How would their lives be transformed by participating in this process? Is there someone who has skills who could help me. Am I willing to allow them to participate? Ask yourself, could I hire, barter or partner with someone to achieve this dream?

When I first began my journey, I would find myself stuck in perfection thinking that I had to do it all alone. I believed that I had to control both the dream and the outcome. Big mistake! I soon realized that the input and creativity of others may even make the dream and the vision bigger and better than I could have ever imagined on my own.  When you make the mindset shift you will suddenly find that opportunities and people will appear out of nowhere. That is when the magic happens.

I recently had the dream to teach a real estate investing class at a local junior college. Realizing that I needed someone to help manage the classroom during each session, a coach friend of mine agreed to help me. She was able to give me valuable feedback to help me grow as a trainer. She was my who to help me achieve my dream.

You have the dream. Practice the “who can help me exercise” until it becomes your mantra. Celebrate the blessing and the comradery of having others who are excited about being part of bringing your dream to life!