Success often comes at a price!  As a driven business person in America we often find ourselves filling our minds with goals and to do lists and such.  For most, the idea of taking a day off or a vacation is considered lazy and unproductive in meeting our goals.

However, to really achieve the balanced freedom your heart hungers for I want to introduce you to a new concept known as “Dolce far Neinte” or the sweet art of doing nothing.  I don’t know about you but for this driven woman this Italian phrase makes me quake in my being.  The thought of doing nothing could only happen when I get all the things off my to do list….and you know that will never happen, so I trudge on.

A few years ago, a phrase popped into my head “I want it all” so I set out to discover what that could really feel like.  I discovered and introduced Dolce far Neinte, into my life and now I want to share it with you.  Would you be willing to take a leap of faith and make an adjustment in your life that could result in more goals accomplished and more life satisfaction?  For the next 21 days intentionally set aside time to practice “dolce far Neinte.”

Let’s start small and build this new muscle.

Spend ten minutes a day sitting still – find a place outside that brings you joy and peace.  Practice total presence in the moment allowing your mind, eyes and ears to take in the trees, flowers and birds.  Gaze, daydream or just sit.

Spend ten minutes a day journaling about things you are grateful for.  Use phrases such as “what makes me happy is…”, or “I am thankful for….”

Set aside an afternoon to totally disconnect from all your electronics and social media.

As you build your “dolce far neinte” muscle make an intentional step and really take a whole day off.  Practicing the sabbath is a cleansing experience.

Learning to let go of the guilt of not being busy all of the time will take place as you build the new habit of “dolce far neinte”.   Create visuals to retrain your mind to measure new ideals of accomplishment.  It is not the appointments you have made, miles you have driven or goals you have achieved……it is the times you have smiled about nothing, watched the kittens playing in the yard, or the melody that lingers in your soul.

We live to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  By taking this time to simple live in the moment you will find your labor more efficient and more fruitful!