“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with other people.” This African Proverb speaks volumes about how successful people operate.  If you have a dream of building your investment portfolio become the master of gaining buy in.  Buy in means that you can paint strong visions of your aspirations and communicate in such a compelling way that others “want to become part of your dream.”

How do you become a master at gaining buy-in?   As the visionary you hold the key to the vision however you realize that to achieve this big dream you need the hands and feet of others.

You have a clear image of the result you want to achieve.  It is a vivid picture of the real results of real efforts.  It comes from the future and informs and energizes the present.  It creates the energy and will to make change happen.

Focus first on those with the most influence. How can you identify these individuals?  They hold court after your meeting.  People look at them during the meeting to see how they are responding.  They are the ones in your community whose opinions people seek out.  Oftentimes getting one of these influencers to buy-in will cause others to automatically follow.

Craft your vision carefully and practice communicating it. It should connect with and inspire all stakeholders, including yourself.  Influencing is a transference of emotion.  You cannot convey emotion if it is not within you to convey.  Make sure you have bought in yourself and can communicate it with conviction. Keep it simple with storytelling.  This a highly effective strategy for communicating your vision for change.

Communicate your vision through multiple channels.  Repetition empowers familiarity and helps others to begin to adopt the vision as their own.  People who take the vision as their own will enthusiastically put in the hours and the focus because they believe in you and your objectives and truly want to see your idea come to life.

Build up your trust account. When you make a commitment you create hope, when you deliver on that commitment you create trust.  Always deliver.  Do not find excuses, find a way.  Remember, people often hear what they want to hear.  Make sure your expectations are set properly and there is complete understanding.  Authenticity and credibility are currency for a leader.

Leverage momentum. Momentum is magic.  Without momentum, the smallest obstacles can derail you. With momentum, the largest obstacles cannot fail you.  Find opportunities to generate small wins.  Get the team believing by achieving.

There is nothing more exciting than when others begin to move your dream forward.  Great leaders lean in with confidence because they know that their dream will come true and bless everyone in its path.