There is nothing like January to inspire you to launch your goals for the new year. With the holidays behind you, it is time to engage your 2020 investment plan for self-development and vacation time.

Margaret Wheatley said “relationships are all there is. Everything in the Universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop
pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.”

As professionals we are designed to connect with others in order to grow. What professional and personal development have you determined that you need? In your review of 2019, did you find conferences that you determined beneficial or relationships that you would like to continue?

Outline the possible conferences and check the dates. There is power in making this commitment early. Be intentional about what outcome you desire out of each of these conferences. Set a reminder on your calendar to meet the early bird discount.

Review the conferences you attended and the people you met in the recent past. Commit early and be strategic about encouraging others to go with you. Chances are the stack of business cards of people you met last time are still sittingon your desk. Begin reaching out to build connections. Be strategic, yet genuine as you reconnect with them.

Self-development can also come through the books you read and the podcasts that you listen to. Have you developed your reading list for the year? Determine a well-rounded approach which includes books about business, communication, real estate and “just for fun.” Yes, “just for fun” helps you to remain interesting. One book that I found very helpful in developing my relationship skills is the book by Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone. It has a lot of great guidelines in how to develop relationships.

Another favorite of mine is The Big Leap by New York Times best-selling author, Gay Hendricks, in which he reveals a simple yet comprehensive program for overcoming barriers to happiness, providing a clear path for achieving our true potential.

The final one, Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold reveals how being able to let go and dream wildly audacious visions about our truest desires happens when we escape the daily regimen of our life. This is done by intentionally scheduling and taking vacations.

Vacations and time away are crucial for entrepreneurs and business investors. Make these a priority for yourself by getting them on the calendar ahead of everything else. One of the greatest downfalls an entrepreneur can make is to succeed at business only to lose their family.

Our lives are about who we become! We can only become by what and how we invest in us! Happy 2020! Make your vision 20/20!