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Leaders Embrace the Power of Focus | Karen Cupp Coaching

Champions don’t become champions in the ring – they are merely recognized seen the win in their minds eye. If you want to see how someone develops into a champion, look at his daily routine. Hal Elrod, in The Miracle Morning describes the value of orchestrating your day by beginning with an established early start, followed by consistent routines.

What would happen if you developed a vivid vision of your goal? Imagine putting on a pair of virtual reality goggles that would transform you to see and hear your achieved success? What if you were consistently laser focused on that goal?

Architect your idea through a process called Flawless Idea Anatomy. The process starts with clearly identifying your boon (your deepest desire or passion.). Take time to journal it to the point where you can clearly see it and claim your promise to yourself that you will see it through. What happens when you claim this promise?

Amplify your idea through deliberate magnetic focus. This magnetic focus comes through sense of urgency, agency, and energy. Our world today is inundated with distractions such as the internet, TV, our phones and even the busyness of life. In order to achieve our boon or our purpose one must discover, develop and practice techniques to take control of our minds and keep us present and focused.

To become a master of focus it is crucial to create a sense of urgency – we are all familiar with how focused we can become when a deadline is looming upon us. One such deadline we are all too familiar with is April 15 (Tax Day). Funny how we can procrastinate all year, yet when the fear of Uncle Sam consumes our thinking we suddenly find a way to focus and get it filed. One affirmation that works for me is: “do it now.” This simple but powerful statement works wonders.

Agency – is the place where you conduct business. Guard your time and space. When you take ownership over your space you determine who and what you allow to speak into your life. Become comfortable with saying no to those requests that consume your time but don’t help you remain true to your boon.

Energy – Allocation of your attention, time and talent. Learning to automate your decisions frees up time for you to focus on your goal. Make sure you are decisive on how you will reallocate that extra energy toward your boon.

The cycle of envisioning, acting, failing, and learning. Being engaged in the process of developing ourselves and learning how to interpret setbacks and failures. With time and practice we will reap the rewards of focus. Aim, focus and achieve!