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How to Be a Comeback Leader | Karen Cupp Coaching

Every setback can be a setup for a comeback if we embrace the belief that setbacks, which we endure, help us to succeed. Our world was built to develop character through the struggles we face. Every great leader embodies this philosophy, so today Covid-19 provides the opportunity for you to join the ranks of exemplary leaders.

How will you diagnose your setback, identify the comeback, and engage the proper tools/ skills you need to stage that comeback?

As you emerge from your pandemic hiatus what tools and skills will you use to help stage your comeback? What have you done to build
yourself up during this time? Some of the ways you can improve yourself as a real estate investor is to take online seminars to perfect your craft. A second way is to build skills in promoting your business using technology such as zoom, podcasts and Facebook live.

Grace and patience are tools that I encourage you to incorporate into your comeback plan. This comeback takes time and dynamic input so that you grow you. Who are you willing to become? Are you willing to learn new skills and approaches? I had an aversion to technology but during the last year I have determined that I will grow. Today I am preparing to launch a podcast called a Cupp of Wisdom to help others to navigate life and business. Covid-19 catapulted me to act.

Growth takes a dedication to filling your mind and time with positive input from leaders that you admire. Discipline yourself through podcasts in your field and those that you believe will strengthen you. Protect yourself from the media which does not provide any fertile soil for your growth. Arm yourself with a mantra that will make fertile soil for you to soldier through. Below is an example of a mantra that I use.

I must say that I have never felt so alive as I do right now. I believe that these challenges are there to make me stronger. I will focus on the solutions and call upon others that will give me assistance and insight. I refuse to allow negative or fearful people speak into my life. I am excited about who I am becoming.

Perseverance is one of the greatest tools to help you move forward. Leaders in all walks of life embrace the faith that ultimately everything would turn out alright. Your strong will can be put to excellent use as you determine for yourself that you will be stronger and more equipped after this event in your life. Commit that you will refuse to give up and keep committed to your purpose to lead others.