Just like children, we learn best in an environment of play. Discover how playing a simple board game can open your eyes to how to create financial independence! Cashflow is a wonderful game in which you can hone your ideals about money. In this game we discover that money is the medium by which we create the life that we are seeking. By challenging and changing our thought processes we open ourselves to opportunities both in our private as well as our investment lives.

Many people have large portfolios of assets and yet they drown in their day to day inability to have enough inflow of money. The overall lesson is that passive income allows you to not only pay your expenses but have extra to save, invest and enjoy. The lesson is that net worth is not as important as cashflow!

Four new belief systems that I hope you will gain from playing the cashflow game.

Most important when it comes to the belief system about money is that emotion is not a good tool when making financial decisions. Bringing emotion to the table will definitely cloud your judgement.

Life will drop opportunities in your path that you can take advantage of but only if you have the ability to discern the good deals from the not so good deals and if you have adequate cash reserves available to take advantage of them. During the cashflow game you have opportunities to assess deals as they come in front of you. With the input of team players, you can muster the courage to take advantage of them and observe the outcome.

Liabilities should be taken on sparingly. In this game, the rule of thumb is that one should only incur a liability if it will make you passive income. In the case of net worth one can have
all the assets in the world but have no cash coming in from them. Many people live their whole life enslaved to their liabilities. Not so for the smart investor.

Money is made when you purchase the property (not when you sell). Research the market value on the property before hand to determine what its retail selling price might be. Over paying is costly!

Interaction with others allows you to observe how different families feel about money and what makes them feel secure. Understanding ones’ desire for security allows them to reach out to take risks and grow their future. Interaction is fun and opens you up to new possible ways to consider how to develop healthier attitudes toward money. This safe environment encourages open dialogue between players at the table. Lives have been changed when new ideas are introduced and put into action! Shall I save a seat for you?