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Fourth Quarter Planning Results in First Quarter Rewards | Karen Cupp Coaching

Are you steaming ahead through the end of the year with your 2018 goal just a dream at this point?    Are you responding to your anxiety meter by saying, “I will begin planning 2018 when it arrives.”

Stop and take a breath.  What if you had a strategy that helped you chart your 2018 course?  What follows are three steps to help you relieve that anxiety and create an empowering action plan.

We all need a little nudge to work on our business. Mike Slover, Strategy Wizard Partner, says “often times small business owners struggle with forging ahead because they lead their businesses from the view inside of the bottle.” This means they are too entrenched in the operations of the business to step back and determine if they are achieving their goals.

Would you like to like to learn three steps to activating your 2018 action plan?

Relax, you have achieved quite a bit during the year.

Let’s get started:

  1. Be intentional by setting aside a day (away from your company) as your own personal retreat. Invite two other people that you know, like and trust, asking them to set aside this time to assist you.  Celebrate by reflecting on the success and learning experiences of your last year.
  2. Begin with the end in mind by dreaming about what you want 2018 to look like.   Take time to dream…..like you did when you first began your business like seo one click .  What would a successful year look like to you?   Would it be a totally renovated store, new locations, or a company training program.  All of these are dreams at first but what we focus on, isn’t that the direction we head.
  3. Determine commitments that are important such family vacations and trainings and conferences you would like to attend. As an entrepreneur we need to set aside time to recharge.  Leaving these to chance almost guarantees they either won’t happen or you will book late and pay increased charges.

Above all, celebrate the year you are about to complete!  As a small business owner you have been courageous in leading your family and your company.  This company is your dream, so dream big….you deserve it!

If you would like to learn more about how you can chart your business for success, watch my video or please contact me at Karen Cupp Coaching.