Success in real estate investing requires investment and action so come to your monthly real estate investor meeting prepared to meet the people you need to meet and become the person you need to be to make your investment dreams come true! Discover these four ways to make your monthly meeting dynamic, rewarding, and fruitful!

1. Attend consistently.
Make a commitment to yourself to eliminate the excuse of “I am too busy from your vocabulary!” This is not an afterthought, it is a commitment to excellence. Dedicate yourself to the goal of building dynamic relationships and make a personal goal of attending every meeting for at least six months. Commit it to your calendar and refuse to let other things get in the way. After six months you can re-evaluate to see if it is meeting your needs.

2. Come with specific intentions.
Prepare well by writing down three types of people that you want to meet at this event. Make it known to the other people in the group. As an example, you have heard of David Jones who has great experience at accessing and buying multi-unit properties in your area. You would love to meet him and listen to what he would recommend in getting into multi-unit properties. In discussion with a member of your group, Megan, you find out that she knows him well and would be willing to bring him to the next meeting. What could you offer that would make this a win for her?

3. Look for ways you can help another.
Get to know those who regularly attend the meetings and reach out to discover what types of projects they are doing and how you might help them. Develop questions that might help you gain better understanding. Find out who they need to meet and what services they might need to connect with. An example is my friend who is an air conditioning installer. He wants to get involved in offering financing as a way to generate more business. By inquiring more about his goal I can possibly introduce him to someone who can help him achieve it.

4. Follow up consistently.
Leave the meeting with a commitment to call or have coffee with at least two of the people that you met at the meeting. Prepare for the meeting by doing your homework so that you make excellent use of their time and yours. Be dedicated to this follow up by having a clear vision of what you want to achieve with this relationship.

Your goal of being a professional investor led you to seek a real estate investor group out, so get busy making it a fruitful experience. Remember who you are willing to become will lead you to achieve your dreams!