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Empowering Language Leads to Successful Negotiation | Karen Cupp Coaching

Women investors who seek to move ahead in the real estate investing  world believe that it is all about growing their knowledge of finding and negotiating deals, working with contractors and measuring up in what appears to be a male dominated industry.

Little time is spent on building and demonstrating their confidence in themselves through empowering language.  The female mind, hardwired to pick up the nuances in spoken language and non-verbal’s like facial expressions, tone voice and body language, make us masters at creating powerful working relationships. The challenge is that we continue to hold on to speech patterns that no longer serve us.

The good news is that with awareness we can reprogram our language patterns to better serve us in our interaction with others.  Awareness alone will not be enough.  It is awareness as well as exchanging old speech patterns with new ones.  It is not just what you say, it is how you say it that will demonstrate your confidence and help you win more deals and achieve more success.

Let us look at 3 words and phrases you should ban from your vocabulary starting now.  This takes practice by crafting through your communication.

The word “just” is an often-used word that minimizes the power of your statement and makes you appear defensive or apologetic.  We use this subconsciously to shield ourselves from rejection.  To grow past the use of this phrase listen to your communication and stop yourself and drop it out of your vocabulary.

Using the words “I am trying to” or “what if we tried” are phrases that minimize your position. It is a way of “polling” which subconsciously speaks to your doubt of your value or the value of your ideas.  As Yoda says “do or do not.  There is no try.”  Take ownership of your ideas.  To grow past this, listen to your communication and every time you begin to state something as a question, pause and reframe it as a statement.

Using the phrase “I am sorry, or I made a mistake” is a holdover from the little girl in trouble with her dad.  We often do this to minimize anger or judgement from others.  Taking ownership of our actions and outcomes is a powerful confidence builder.

Women who know their value say what they mean and mean what they say, and they do it with grace.  Become aware and make an intentional effort to practice and refine your communication.  Find an accountability buddy or join a Toastmasters group to help you refine your communication skills.  You will be surprised at how these polished skills will help you win more deals and achieve the outcomes you desire.