How do you feel in January when your New Year’s resolutions don’t deliver on their promises? What tools do you have for reinvigorating yourself and building momentum?

Tim Ferris says “life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.”

Momentum occurs from your intentional movement forward toward your goals. Try these four steps to help you be specific in your actions.

Begin right now building connections with people. Pull out your goals and review them. For each goal build a list of 10 major players that by building relationship with them you might move closer to your goals. An example might be to improve your public speaking skills. One player on your list might be to find a local Toastmasters club. Identify why you would like to connect with them and develop a plan to pursue them. Always, take time to consider how you might add value to them in return.

Every day is an opportunity to practice and prepare to be amazing. Focus on doing the basics, consistently and excellently. As an example, in the role of a professional mastermind facilitator one must constantly research valuable content to enrich their group. Therefore, they must set aside time to write blogs and to develop speaking points for each meeting. Begin now implementing your plan, if even on a small basis. Planning comes in the midst of action so don’t wait on big. Celebrate the little big wins.

Find an accountability partner or partners. Select someone who will commit to a regularly scheduled check in. My partners connects every two weeks for one hour to review the goals we have set, to discuss the action taken, and to determine the next set of actions steps. As a result of these meetings, we begin to create a sense of urgency to act. To be successful we need someone who will be hard on us and expect us to achieve our best. Allow these persons to bust through the walls that you build for yourself.

Accept that the journey will require perseverance and that no one ever achieves a goal without discipline. John Maxwell says “the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” How well developed is your daily agenda? If you set aside an hour to write each day do you resist all outside interruptions during that time? At first it might appear rude to not answer your phone or check your emails during the time you set. The result though, will be rewarding because you will trust yourself knowing that you can achieve your goals. If you would like to discover ways to kick start your 2020, go to and sign up to be part of the next Business Builders Board.