There is nothing stronger than when women come together to achieve goals. As leaders in our families we seek to build a legacy for our children by imparting strong work ethics and concrete values. Our lessons are amplified through our involvement within our community.

One of our superpowers is that we teach our children daily while we work, maintain households, and raise families. Everything becomes a lesson we hope will build strong and confident adults. They watch as we continue to struggle to refine our own purpose while teaching work ethic, resilience, relationship, and cooperation. Building a legacy through real estate investing provides a great opportunity to demonstrate these time-tested superpowers to our children, especially our daughters.

Until now I had a resistance to being involved in a “women only organization” because as a businesswoman I felt that it meant that I could not hold my own in the business world. That was until I had the opportunity to meet some dynamic women who had dedicated their lives to empowering women to build financial freedom through real estate investing.

It was at a virtual event called The Real Estate Invest Her Summit where I experienced the drive and dedication of three women (Liz Faircloth, Andresa Guidelli and Ashley Wilson) as they strived to build a “well of encouragement and training” so that women could grow themselves and still embrace the wonderful gift of being a momma.

Three things that I took away from this

The first nugget is that real estate investing, being relational, allows women to practice their natural talents. They have special skills to engage with others to secure what they need, whether it is contractors to do the work or investors to contribute time, talent, or money. They have a unique ability to present everything as an opportunity which inspires others to want to help.

Secondly, women exhibit a special grace to manage the many aspects of leading real estate projects. Their excellent time management skills require them to develop systems and
processes so that deals keep moving forward to a successful completion.

Thirdly, women are not too proud to ask for help where needed. Their natural ability to connect with others opens doors for them to achieve their goals while building trustworthy relationships.

For decades we have been challenged to neutralize our persona in the workplace to get ahead. What if instead we embraced the natural talents, with which we are blessed. As we come together to build amazing legacies for ourselves and our children, we can claim our gifts.

I applaud the ladies of Real Estate Invest Her community for coming together to change the investment world, one investment at a time.